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In Marquette, nature and adventure are always at the tip of your toes.
The towering pines sway to the rhythm of a cool breeze, while the sweet aroma of fresh air and backcountry leave your heart smiling. 
Discover a few of our favorite places,
then stop into our store to bring the memories home with you!
We were made to explore.
So, lace up your hiking boots and lets get lost.
let the adventures begin...

Embrace the crisp morning air with not another soul in sight, the sand between your toes, and the northern skies painted with peach, lavender and ruby red. Set your alarm for the crack of dawn, grab a beach blanket and sip on a steamy hot cocoa. Rest assure, gazing at the sunrise amidst the sparkling water with sleepy eyes and full hearts will be the perfect start to your day.


Travel up Big Bay Road (County Road 550) for a few miles until you see a sign to your right. Follow the timber-lined side road for about half a mile until you run into the main parking lot.


This “Island” is home to the most serene, natural beauty. Whether you choose to drive, bike, walk, or cross-country ski, there are a number of breathtaking pit stops to make around the loop. The pier on Presque Isle challenges you until the end of its treacherous path of boulders, but once you’ve made it, spread your arms wide open as if you were leaning off the edge of the Titanic with your hair blowing wild and fresh air bursting through your veins.

The sensation and sight- priceless.


Let your toes dangle off the cliff’s edge while peering into crystal clear waters. Buckle up for an adrenaline rush at its finest and free fall into the depths of Lake Superior. Making the leap off Black Rocks, located on Presque Isle, is refreshing, rewarding, and an experience you won’t want to miss out on.


Unwind after a lively day of exploration. Just past Black Rocks, there will be a sign for Sunset Point. Secure a hammock among the trees or watch your step as you reach the edge of the cliffs hovering over the lake. Kiss your day so long and place the unique memories of Marquette in your pocket as the sun slowly sinks beyond the horizon.  


Grab a hold for dear life, run, and jump (don’t forget to let go!). Where Dead River flows beneath Big Bay Road, just off of Sugarloaf Avenue, pull off to a parking area on the right, follow a short path, swim across, and carefully climb up the bank onto the cliff where you will find yourself a sturdy rope hanging from one of the many trees. Make sure to jump out to make sure you clear the cliff and make a safe splash into the rejuvenating water.

shh... we went chasing waterfalls

Dead River Falls is a must see. Follow Forestville Road off of Wright Street for about 2.5 miles until you see a parking area. Immediately, walk up the hill and continue on while keeping an eye out for a trail sign on the left. A meandering trail will lead you through steep uphill and downhill turns, over rocky cliffs, and atop thick roots, so watch your step! There is a series of falls and astounding views everywhere you look.


This is an extremely quick and easy walk, but definitely worth the stop. Traveling west on Wright Street, you will see a parking area down to the right leading to a gate and wooden bridge. Make your way across the bridge and up the trail to the left. The water is roaring and the graffiti filled aqueducts make for a unique, yet relaxing stroll.

experience the great outdoors

This is another easily accessible, but fascinating go-to waterfall for its outstanding beauty. Make a short drive toward the base of Marquette Mountain, but veer off on the last two-track dirt road on the right hand side before the ski hill. Keep driving until you come to a small sign on the left directing you to Morgan Falls, park here and make the short trek to the falls.


Travel down County Road 550 until you cross over the Little Garlic River. You will want to take the next road on the left and drive just a little ways until the next river crossing. Park and follow the North Country Trail to a riverside campground. Once there, cross the river and head upstream for a few minutes where you will stumble upon the falls. Don’t forget your water shoes and prepare to feel like you're in Twilight.


Definitely one of the most impressive waterfalls in our neck of the woods. You can gaze over the edge of the falls from a small pool of water above or walk down a large staircase to the bottom. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, slip off your shoes and carefully climb into the falls! Laughing Whitefish Falls is found about a half hour from Marquette, just outside of Chatham. From M-94, turn onto Sundell Road. It will begin on a paved road, but turn into a soothing, yet bumpy dirty road. There is a nice and easy trail leading you to the top of the falls once you run into a parking area.

discover your oasis

A hidden treasure no doubt. A steel railroad towers high above a steep gorge where water pours over giant cliffs. The tracks become your pathway and will lead you to the trestle waving to the river below. Carefully make your way down to a gorgeous adventure underneath the train tracks. Take US-41 to County Road 502 and then County Road 510. Drive for a few miles and take a right on Neejee Road. This winding dirt road will take you a ways back until you reach an area to park near the tracks. Take a right on the tracks and follow it until the river crossing, you can’t miss it!

take the path less traveled

Remember in The Lion King when the animals gather together in the valley to sing Circle of Life while Simba is raised high on the top of the highest mountain peak? Yeah, you will feel like Simba once you conquer the Top of the World and gape with an open mouth at the splendor of the Upper Peninsula’s valor. Choose to either attack the trek by foot or by vehicle, but since there’s so much to experience in Marquette taking M-55 to Harlow Lake Road which turns into a winding dirt road which leads to the top, simply leaving a short hike to the overlook.


Close your eyes and take a deep breathe once atop the awe-inspiring summit. Open them to a whole new world of beauty filled with bright blue waters. A super easy 15 minute ascend through towering trees, rocky cliffs and up multiple staircases to incredible expansive views. Also down CR 550, but closer to town than Little Presque Isle. Gorgeous during all four seasons, each with a perk of it’s own.

where the air is fresher & the smell is sweeter

Life’s worth the climb when the views are great, right? A panorama of Lake Superior sparkling accompanied by miles and miles of untouched forests awaits you after this slightly strenuous hike. This is not the highest peak in Marquette, but the journey starting from the Wetmore Pond parking lot will lead to breathtaking views. The beginning of the hike is an undemanding stroll across woodland and rock. The trail intensifies as you increase in elevation and rocky territory.


Not going to lie, reaching the final destination on this one is a bit tricky. The path is not extremely well marked, but you’re bound to find yourself on the top of a mountain with spectacular views unlike any other. A breathtaking outlook of Lake Superior on one side, the and a long stretch of forest on the other. Just remember, not all who wander are lost! And imagine how good it’ll feel breathing in that fresh mountain air once conquering the uphill battle.


Begin on County Road 550 toward Big Bay and park at Clark’s Gravel Pit to the left of Wetmore Landing. Start walking along the two track, taking the first right, then the second right after climbing two small hills (this is marked with a super fancy wood trail sign). After that, it's somewhat of a “create your own path” free for all with a few blue paint marks and ribbons attached to tree limbs here and there.

come & explore

Embark on an effortless walk up a rocky slope to a remarkable overlook of the entire town of Marquette. Roll your windows down on the brief drive up a winding dirt road and entwine yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors. You will begin on Cliff Power Road then turn right on Mt. Marquette Road.

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